Placematic offers training in geographic and geomarketing information systems tailored to individual needs. Thanks to us, you will learn how to use geomarketing methods, correctly use and interpret market data and software support. During trainings, we focus on practice, discussing the issues that the client encounters on a daily basis.


Trainings tailored to the needs

Placematic customers can take advantage of individual training in geomarketing and geographic information systems. The training usually focuses on two areas - basic geomarketing knowledge and practical software support in the client system. The first part is divided into methodology and the use of data in the development of geomarketing issues. Placematic conducts training in the following geographical information systems:
• ArcGIS and ESRI extensions,
• WIGeoGIS extensions for ArcGIS,
• geoprocessing using Python and the Model builder application,
• WebGIS WIGeoWeb: training for administrators and users.


Trainings conducted by experts

During Placematic trainings you will gain current knowledge in the field of geographic information systems. Our goal is to teach you how to effectively use our solutions in everyday work. We want them to bring results as soon as possible. We train on the basis of practical examples of current applications, using our own customer data. Placematic adapts the training program to the individual requirements of each recipient. Employees of one company take part in the training. This guarantees an individual approach, confidentiality and efficiency.


Trainings in methodology

During the methodology training you will learn basic geomarketing analyzes. You will learn how to choose individual methods to analyze specific issues. The training aims at improving everyday work and independent selection of appropriate analytical methods.


Trainings in working with data

Effective geomarketing requires learning not only the methodology but also the know-how on market data and their interpretation. Selected topics discussed during the training:
- the purpose of individual data sets
- analysis and calculation based on the attributes of objects in the development of a given issue.
- proper interpretation of data and analysis results.

Our experts explain specific examples of how individual values should be understood. You will learn, among other things, what the above-average representation of the target group means and how to set limit values for low, medium and high potential. We will also explain which classification method is optimal based on practical examples.


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